Booster Cream Day Start Kit

• DeTOX moisturizing cream with anti-pollution effect for intense moisture for more moisture and tension
• Should moisturize the skin structure, dampen it from the inside out, thus effectively reducing the expression of lines
and wrinkles
• Visibly and noticeably should improve strength and elasticity
• Should reduce wrinkles and provide more freshness and elasticity
• The result: the skin looks more youthful, smoother, fuller and firmer



Skin type / target group:
• For every skin
• Dry, lipid-poor skin
• Mature, demanding skin

Active ingredients:
Argireline®, 3-fold low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, chlorella vulgaris extract,
cranberry extract, blueberry extract, rosehip extract, noni berry, goji berry, ginko biloba extract,
edelweiss extract, barley extract, provitamin B5, vitamin E, squanant, almond oil, avocado oil,
shea butter, olive oil

Does not contain:
☑Silicones ☑ Mineral oil ☑Parabens ☑ PEGs ☑Paraffins

☑ Yes

Assessment of cosmetic analysis:
Very good


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