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Permanent laser hair removal with diode laser

Permanent laser hair removal is done with the benefit of a permanent and long lasting hairless result. Get Sensational Hairless Smooth Skin with Diode Laser. Diode lasers are uncomfortable treatments that are not entirely painless and are performed in our beauty salon Bara en Cosmeceuticals. Welcome!

Facial Treatment

Description of the selection of our products in connection with our facial treatments
We have a wide range of different products that we use for facial treatments.


Thermolifting - high frequency treatment

Looking for a gentle and painless skin rejuvenation method? If the answer is YES, we recommend a thermolifting (radio frequency) treatment. This treatment increases both skin elasticity and collagen production through highly efficient radio frequency.

HiFi 3D

Get a prolonged skin tightening effect with just one treatment with Hifu 3D. HIFU 3D is a new application of ultrasound. With the help of a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), the deep structures in the dermis are heated.

Face carbon peeling

A carbon laser peeling (also called Hollywood peeling) can be used for various skin problems such as acne, large pores, blackheads or uneven skin color as well as oily and impure


How does microneedling work?
The effect of microneedling is based on the small injuries caused by the tiny needles. These micro-injuries stimulate certain receptors in the skin that stimulate an increased release of growth factors. The growth factors, in turn, stimulate the skin’s natural cleansing processes, stimulate the formation of new hyaluronic acid and collagen and promote blood circulation in the treated tissue. These processes also strengthen connective tissue and significantly improve skin elasticity. Since skin care products (e.g. Bara en Cosmeceuticals) are more easily absorbed by the skin after micro-needling and develop their effect better, the desired effect can be maximized with a combined treatment. The treatment leads to a visible improvement in the face. The result is fresh, radiant skin and firm, well-groomed skin.


Cryolipolysis (also called cryolipolysis) is a method of removing local fat deposits without surgery. In cryolipolysis, the subcutaneous fat tissue’s special sensitivity to cold is used and the fat cells are permanently destroyed by local cooling. It acts specifically on the adipose tissue and leaves the skin, nerves, muscles and blood vessels intact. In addition, there are no scars from cuts or punctures. As for the long-term effects of the method, scientific studies have shown that cryolipolysis is a safe and effective fat reduction method with generally manageable, temporary side effects.