With us you always get advice and assistance in choosing the right treatment from a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, injection nurse or dermatologist. See our various treatments and methods requested by men.

Hair Loss

About one in three men has some form of hair loss. For many, it becomes a growing problem as their hair falls out.

Good consultation is essential for the final result. Many patients unknowingly come to us for help with a problem.

Convenient consultation from home For those of you who live further from a clinic or find it more convenient to meet online for the first time.

With us, your dermatologists can safely and gently remove liver spots, pigmentation and other skin changes you think are unsightly.

Do you have problems with varicose veins or want to remove disfiguring varicose or superficial veins? We offer a variety of treatments that treat them safely and effectively.

Do you have a reservoir of unwanted fat? Liposuction can be a good alternative to obtain a smoother and more proportional body shape.

We can correct drooping eyelids and sagging under the eyes with plastic surgery to create a more lively and less tired impression.

It’s men’s big favorite for treating anxiety wrinkles and getting rid of tension-type headaches. Botulinum toxin (Botox) can also be used in many other areas of the face.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) has become a highly sought after and common form of treatment to prevent unwanted sweating in the armpits.