Thermolifting - high frequency treatment

Looking for a gentle and painless skin rejuvenation method? If the answer is YES, we recommend a thermolifting (radio frequency) treatment. This treatment increases both skin elasticity and collagen production through highly efficient radio frequency.

Thermolifting is an innovative treatment that originated in the USA and is a non-invasive and gentle treatment to improve facial contours and tighten the skin. Now it’s finally possible to slow what is a natural part of our aging and regain the beautiful contouring we once had.

Thermolifting – high-frequency treatment in Germany.
We at Klinik Beauty Salon Bara en Cosmeceuticals are experts in beauty and in-depth knowledge of performing thermolifting, radio frequency treatment in Germany.

High frequency treatment:
In performing the treatment, a laser, a similar device, is used to perform thermal skin lifting. The treatment is painless and static wrinkles are carefully reduced, leaving no unwanted bruises on the epidermis. The treatment can be carried out in the middle of the week, since everyday life is not affected. A radio frequency treatment is classified as a typical “midday treatment”. Only after three to six months, when new elastic fibers form in the connective tissue. Skin rejuvenation occurs in the skin that takes 3-6 months to become visible due to new collagen. The skin rejuvenation process continues up to six months after treatment.

The treatment is painless and gentle on the patient. The skin remains intact after the treatment, but there may be a slight reddening. This usually disappears after a few hours.

Time taken:
The face takes about an hour.

A course of about 4 treatments is recommended for patients over the age of 35. Then it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 1.5 years.


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