Hyaluron Pen – Training

The hyaluron pen treatment is a needle-free and painless treatment, the hyaluronic pen offers all possible effects of the injection. It is mainly used as a lip plumper but can also fill in fine lines like the nasolabial folds. How do you do it without a needle? With a real hyaluron pen, we introduce cross-linked hyaluronic acid into the skin. The material has a texture and therefore has special toning and moisturizing properties.

We bring the active ingredients directly to the desired areas precisely and cleanly. Hyaluronic acid has become an integral part of cosmetic facial care. As a natural component of connective tissue, it has the ability to lock in moisture and thus build volume. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the cells gradually decreases. Soft tissue reinforces wrinkles in the skin and often enlarges the lips. Fuller lips without injecting them are the result of a gentle treatment. Small creases around the mouth where the lipstick tends to leak can disappear, inequalities can be evened out. The active ingredient hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin under pressure. The so-called infiltration of hyaluronic acid is used for lip correction.

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