Description of the selection of our products in connection with our facial treatments
We have a wide range of different products that we use for facial treatments.

Expression. The products are organic, vegan and result-oriented brand with a great environmental mentality suitable for all ages.
The products reinforce each other and offer a deep and long-term result that does not compromise on quality.
We are always appropriate for all our treatments according to your skin condition and

to ensure you receive the best and most professional treatment possible.
A result of regular facial treatments is that the skin has a beautiful complexion with radiance and vitality.
Facial care cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the part of the skin most exposed to the sun, wind and
impurities. Well-moisturized skin can definitely help your skin look younger, but most importantly, you will
clean and moisturized like never before. Pamper your face with a facial treatment in Hagen.

Miracles of Clinical Beauty
We can offer you the following treatments:

miracle facial
30 mins /45€’

A beautiful deep cleansing and freshening facial that clears the skin and adds new energy
Skin. Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, mask, day care